A Better Way

Building wealth is a steep uphill climb. You’ve worked hard to create the life you currently enjoy, and to ensure your efforts provide benefits to your family and community.

But as you plan your next move – whether it be selling your business or adjusting your investments – your exposure to tax implications increases. And that liability grows to staggering proportions as you approach the sale of your business.

Your corporate financial success involves a team of advisors. But your effective tax reduction strategy requires a qualified navigator to coordinate all these disciplines into a logical structure. As one of fewer than 100 Family Wealth Counselors in the US, Ed Cotney has built his business on applying this strategic insight, advising on not only the financial, but also the social and emotional aspects to selling an asset worth $5M or more.

Ed’s primary focus is teaching his clients, their advisors and their heirs how to control tax triggers and tax erosion. Working with your existing support team, Ed can advise on optimal approaches to selling your business with little or no tax exposure, reducing your income tax by 30%-60% and selling appreciated assets with little or no capital gains tax.

What’s Next?

Interested in learning more about how a family wealth counselor can secure your family’s financial future, eliminating tax liability while allowing you to support causes that align with your values? Contact Ed to arrange a consultation and discover how the right structure, strategy and timing can transform the economic potential of your retirement years.

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